Saturday, February 28, 2009

She is now 10 weeks old and her ears are starting to stand. We have found out that she has some medical issues which makes it a little hard to potty train her. She has crystals in her urine which are causing some more peeing than usual! We'll find out next week what exactly has caused this and can hopefully start treatment for it then.
She's a great puppy and easy to train, but needs so much work in the biting department. Puppies bite, but she's a little crazy with that. We need her to LISTEN to us when she's biting things that are inappropriate - LIKE ALEX!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All I can say is she's driving me crazy! Biting me (and not listening when I tell her "NO"), chewing furniture, escaping to have a quick pee while no one is looking, etc. I know it's all normal puppy stuff, but I am ready to open the door and let her run out!

Faith came home with us on Valentine's Day at 8 weeks old. Are we crazy? New puppy and a 4 year old son, not to mention having our 3 legged couch hound and a cat. Crazy household, but a house filled with unconditional love.
The first week wasn't too bad. She learned sit in a matter of minutes. She learned that outside is for going potty, but doesn't realize inside isn't. She spent her time learning her eating, sleeping, etc. schedules. We started crate training immediately. The crate is the best invention. The first and second night she slept 5 hours straight. We were happy for that! Other than that, she needs to go out every 2-3 hours during the night which isn't the most fun, but will improve over time.
She had a vet appointment and had a clean bill of health although now that we are into our second week, we think she has a urinary tract infection. That might be why she drinks so much water and squats to pee and nothing comes out. She has another vet appointment tomorrow and will hopefully start some medication. If this is the case, it will be easier with potty training and keeping her crate clean.
We have had her 10 days now, and she's a quick learner. She is very smart and easy to train with treats. We have to master going potty outside and get her to stop biting us. The whole puppy biting is out of control! It hurts and although we tell her "no" or "ouch", she doesn't let up. We have been very stubborn with her and I know she'll learn. As time goes on, these things will get better but of course we'll have a whole new set of issues. We are looking forward to taking her to camp with us, and summers outside so she can run around the yard and get some energy out.