Friday, April 10, 2009

Faith and Sam
Faith at 15 weeks
She's doing well, bladder issues are better, but she seems to forget about going outside a little more often now. I have to watch her better. I feel so guilty about her being in her crate, I'll let her hang out with me, but she always escapes to somewhere. I still have a love-hate relationship with her! Of course I care about her, but when I am cleaning up overturned plants, and urine in the crate, etc. I get angry and she then goes to the bottom of my list of favorite things! Her ears are hilarious though. They are huge! I know she'll grow into them.
Dave has been taking her (and Sam on occasion) for long walks at night. She walks very well on a leash thankfully. She starts puppy training classes next week and I hope they are well worth it because we've been waiting so long for this class to start. Soon, the campgrounds will open up for the season and it will be interesting to see how we handle two big dogs in our camper - one of which is kind of in the tearing up things stage! Ugh....

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